Weather in London in September

The season begins to turn rather quickly in London, as summer gives way to autumn during the month of September, with average temperatures falling off, the days closing in and the leaves beginning to turn golden. Days remain pleasant and sunny for the most part, however, except for the ubiquitous London rainy days which encroach on every season. September is a good month for sight-seeing and catching the end of season outdoor events.


Climate in London in September

London is cool to warm during September – the odd “Indian summer” heat wave is not unknown, but generally temperatures range between a maximum of 20°C and a minimum of 12°C. September is a fairly wet month, with an average of 12 rainy days within its span, and the weather can change rapidly from a bright, sunny morning to a grey, drizzly afternoon.


What’s On in London in September

In September London celebrates its wide, wonderful River Thames with the Great River Race taking place mid-month – a grueling 21-mile rowing race providing a spectacle viewed from the bridges. Another highlight of the month is the Mayor’s Thames Festival, packed with all sorts of events including a fireworks display and open-air arts festival.


What to pack for a holiday in London in September

Although days may be warm in London in September, after dark it can feel rather chilly, so opt for layering for a day out and about, with a pull-over to top off a T-shirt, light slacks or jeans and comfortable footwear. Remember the threat of rain is ever present so a waterproof jacket is essential.