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Word Travels Pro allows you to print off or email travel guides to customers under your own brand. The printable guides are quick and easy to produce and aim to save you time, improve client relationships and increase your repeat and ancillary bookings.

Word Travels Pro features no advertising - our travel guides are impartial and cannot be influenced by advertisers in any way. Travel agents no longer need to waste valuable time trawling through brochures or out-of-date websites - all their destination information is here.

Essential Information...

on every country including entry requirements, health, currency exchange, daily safety advice and much more...

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Word Travels Professional includes comprehensive and authorative guides to hundreds of cities, resorts and ports of call in all 220 countries.

Designed for retail travel agents, home workers and travel call centres, Word Travels Pro aims to be the most up-to-date guide available for international travellers.


"Word Travels is stunning; our clients are very impressed. We send your guides to all our international travellers. It's so useful and saves us lots of time searching for this information elsewhere."
"I cannot live without Word Travels; all my clients are so impressed."
"We are all big fans of Word Travels Pro and love the content of the emails. Keep up the good work!!!"
"The feedback from our customers is terrific, they love the guides."
"As I am new to the travel industry, I find your World Travels guides to be invaluable when it comes to qualifying clients and helping them with their travel needs. Many thanks to you and your team for continuing to provide up to date information on as many travel destinations as you do. I haven't been everywhere, but at least I have a shot at selling as many places as I can."
"I was taught about your destination guides in training, and since a lot of people want to go to destinations that I don't know much about, I find it easier to attach a destination guide to an email rather than tell them the wrong thing about the destination. It makes me look better and it informs the client about the destination, kind of like an e-brochure."
"Your guides are a great customer service addition. It's the sort of thing that makes great airport/flight reading material that you can give with final documents. It's also a great prompt to drive enquiry back to the store for the walk-in that isn't ready to book yet or takes time to follow up."
"I have been using Word Travels for about 6 years. I use it when clients come in and don't know anything about a place, as I think the info on the system is great. I also put it in people's ticket wallets before they go if I think they would benefit from the details."
"I've used Word Travels for a few years now. Many of clients have given really good feedback about it, so thank you!"
"We often print out your travel guides and they have proven very helpful. Yesterday I sent one to a client enquiring as she didn't know anything about the Bahamas, so it was easy and quick for me to email it to her."

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Annual subscriptions to Word Travels Pro are charged on a per location basis (based on travel agency with up to seven consultants).

  New ZealandNZD$189
  South AfricaR1995

VAT is added where applicable

Please contact us for pricing for all call centres and multiple locations.

Content Licensing

International travel companies, airlines, hotel groups and smaller travel agencies license travel guide content from Word Travels for use on their websites

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Note that a subscription to Word Travels Pro does not include a licence to use our guides on your website