Weather in London in January

Days are short in London during January, which is the heart of winter in England, but they are days packed with fun and surprises which continue until long after dark. Outdoors the weather in London in January may be rather chilly, a few degrees above freezing at best, but indoors the brightly lit shops are packed with sale items, the clubs are hopping and the pubs are warm and cosy. Best of all accommodation in London in January is reasonably priced, and there are “special offers” to be had everywhere for visitors who don’t mind donning their coats and boots to tramp the streets.


Climate in London in January

The average rainfall in London in January is 2.4 inches (61mm), which, spread across a month is not enough to cause much discomfort, despite England having a reputation for being unduly wet. Temperatures in London in January, however, are a little uncomfortable, the average high being 6 degrees C (43 F) and the low 1 degree C (33F). January is one of the coldest months in London, and there isn’t much sunshine (daily average 1.75 hours), but England’s capital makes up for this with a warm heart.


What’s On in London in January

The weather being chilly, activities in London move indoors in January. The West End theatres are in full swing, and there is a wide selection of musical entertainment from opera at Covent Garden’s Royal Opera House and the English National Opera (ENO) to classical music at the Barbican and rock concerts at the O2 arena. Then there are the art galleries, museums, and of course the famous department stores like Harrods and Selfridges, luring everyone in from out in the cold.


What to pack for a holiday in London in January

Dress in London, even in the theatres, is casual, so make sure you take your favourite jeans, along with a selection of sweaters and most important, a warm winter coat and comfortable trainers or boots, along with some thick socks. Indoors London shops and entertainment venues tend to be very warm, so be prepared to shed the outerwear and trot out your T-shirt! You may appreciate some ear-muffs or a woolly hat and gloves when outdoors.