Weather in London in February

February is one of the coldest months in London. It is definitely a month for warm overcoats and umbrellas, but this does not dampen the spirit of the city. There are a myriad of events indoors, and while it may not be the best time for sight-seeing, visitors find plenty to do and see.


Climate in London in February

The average temperature in London in February is 7°C, but it can drop to close to freezing at night. Daylight hours are short, with little or no sunshine. Although it is not the wettest month of the year, London seems perpetually damp and grey during February. Despite the cold, snow and frost are not common – if snow does fall it is unlikely to settle because of the warmth generated from the urban environment.


What’s On in London in February

It may be grim outside, but London has many colourful and flamboyant events indoors during February, including Fashion Week and the Olympia Arts and Antiques Fair. Best of all, most of February is devoted to the exciting City of London Festival, a conglomeration of music, visual arts, and film events, many of them free. Other highlights which brighten up February in London are the Chinese New Year celebrations and the London Baby Show at the ExCel.


What to pack for a holiday in London in February

The most important item to pack for a trip to London in February is a warm overcoat, hat, gloves and waterproof footwear. Underneath that, anything goes. Apart from formal events, dress in London is smart casual. Indoors it is generally very warm, so it’s fine to pack the skimpy party dresses for a night of clubbing.