Weather in London in July

By July the summer tourist season has swung into top gear in London, with eager crowds hung about with cameras besieging the famous attractions. All being well (London weather being notoriously unpredictable) visitors will work up quite a sweat in the summer heat while enjoying all the outdoor events and activities London has to offer in this warm month. The price you pay for visiting London during peak season is expensive accommodation and queuing for most things, but the pleasure comes in the form of long, bright days packed with plenty of things to do and see.


Climate in London in July

It’s summertime, with warm sunny days and temperatures rising to the mid to high 20°C – well, in theory that is! We are dealing with London, though, where the only certainty about the weather is its uncertainty. July can just as easily swelter in a heat-wave as it can plunge into a trough of chilly days with temperatures in the mid-teens, and it is also one of the wettest months of the year.


What’s on in London in July

It is easier to list what is NOT on in London in July, rather than attempt to list the huge array of festivals, exhibitions, concerts, sports, shows and all manner of other events that are on offer. Highlights include the opening of The Proms (an annual 8-week festival of orchestral classical music held annually since 1895, centered on the Royal Albert Hall); the London Pride Parade and Festival; the Shoreditch Festival; and the Hampton Court Flower Show.


What to pack for a holiday in London in July

Travel light when coming to London in July – shorts and T-shirts should see you through, but London weather being as unreliable as it is, throw in a sweater or two. Never travel to London at any time of year without some rain gear, and in summer it is wise to add some good sunglasses, sunblock and sunhat as well. The sun, when it shines, can be rather fierce.