Weather in London in December

The advent of Christmas lights up London and dispels the winter gloom during the dark days of December, whether you are Christian or not. The shops are brightly decorated, aglow with colourful gifts – it is the best month to go shopping in London, if you don’t mind the crowds. If you prefer to stay cosy indoors during December to avoid the cold, wet, foggy (and even frosty) weather, take in the West End shows, welcoming museums, galleries, pubs and restaurants.


Climate in London in December

There are few hours of daylight during December in London, with the shortest day of the year falling on 21st December (the winter solstice). It is a cold, wet month with little sign of the sun, which adds to the overall gloom, but despite the weather December in London is a magical, jolly time, full of festivities geared towards the celebration of Christmas at the end of the month. Average temperatures range from a low of 4°C to a high of 6C°, and it rains most days.


What’s on in London in December

From carol singing in Trafalgar Square to the Great Christmas Pudding race in Covent Garden, London is full of fun and festive frolics during December. A funfair, ice rink and Christmas market opens up in Hyde Park, and similar markets and fairs brave the cold all over the city, offering mulled wine to warm the spirits. Two of the best winter events are the Spitalfields Winter Festival, and the Bankside Frost Fair.


What to pack for a holiday in London in December

When visiting London in December you will need plenty of winter woollies! A waterproof overcoat and boots are essential items, but don’t forget your party clothes either, because being a festive time of year in London you are bound to want to join in the fun. Indoors it is always warm enough to show off the skimpiest party dress – just layer it up when you prepare to step out into the cold.