Weather in Rome

Climate and Weather in RomeThe charismatic capital of Italy, the city of Rome is situated on the central western section of the Italian Peninsula, close to the Mediterranean Sea. The city enjoys a typical Mediterranean climate, with hot, dry summers and cool to mild wet winters. Rome is situated inland so is somewhat hotter in summer than Mediterranean coastal destinations, since it misses out on sea breezes.

Summer in Rome is experienced between June and September, with continuous sunshine and blue skies. During mid-summer in July and August the mercury hits highs above 30°C (86°F), and since humidity levels are high too it can be very uncomfortable during peak season. The hot weather does not deter many thousands from enjoying a holiday in Rome in the summer, and with around 11 hours of sunny daylight a day there is plenty of time for soaking up the sights and sounds of the “Eternal City”.

Autumn arrives in Rome in October, accompanied by some rainy days, but temperatures remain fairly warm until the end of November, when it becomes wetter and cooler, particularly at night. November is the wettest month of the year, with grey skies and showers during much of the month.

Winter in Rome is short and mild, with the temperature hovering around 10°C (50°F) during December, and slightly cooler in January. Nights are cold though, and frost is not unknown. Skies remain overcast for a good deal of the time in Rome in winter, and rain falls steadily.

Come spring in March, Rome warms up rapidly and persistent rain turns into occasional light spring showers. The sun shines on Rome and the spring weather is very pleasant for sightseeing.


When is the best time to go to Rome?

Unless you enjoy sweaty heat and milling crowds, it is best to avoid Rome during the peak tourist season of July and August and take a Roman holiday in what the travel agents dub the “shoulder seasons”. In Rome the quieter shoulder seasons fortunately co-incide with the best of the Roman weather, between April and June, and during September and October.

What to pack for a holiday in Rome

The Italians have a smart-casual style, the T-shirts are fitted and, even in summer, most people have a smart, well-cut pair of jeans. So, pack these and add long and short sleeved shirts, sunglasses, hats and sunscreen, trousers (zip off if possible), decent shorts, as well as a warm jersey for cooler evenings and a light raincoat. Also, the beach is not too far, so bring some swimwear and a light covering.

Winter requires some more layers, but other than thermals and a few more warm tops, the packing list is much the same as summer; gloves, scarves and a warm hat is also recommended.

Of all the things on the list, comfortable shoes are probably the most important because visiting Rome involves a lot of walking. Don't forget to bring something a bit more formal for a night out and dress modestly for churches and monasteries because they have no problem refusing entry to people deemed to be dressed inappropriately. 

Weather in Rome in January

Average temperature in Rome in January: 7.5°C, 46°F
Relative humidity in Rome in January: 72%
Average rainfall in Rome in January: 65mm, 2.6in
Note: Rome is chilly during January, so you will need to wear a coat when exploring the Eternal City during this mid-winter month. It is unlikely the temperature will fall to freezing or below, but high humidity and plenty of rain make conditions damp and cold. It rains in spells for nearly half the month, meaning overcast days and not much sunshine.

Weather in Rome in February

Average temperature in Rome in February: 8.5°C, 47°F
Relative humidity in Rome in February: 69%
Average rainfall in Rome in February: 65mm, 2.6in
Note: Rome in February is wet and cold, but the good news is that there are plenty of dry days too, and when it doesn’t rain, the sun shines brightly from a deep blue sky. Towards the end of February the weather gets warmer, and daylight hours increase as spring approaches.

Weather in Rome in March

Average temperature in Rome in March: 11°C, 52°F
Relative humidity in Rome in March: 66%
Average rainfall in Rome in March: 56mm, 2.2in
Note: There is more sunshine than rain in March in Rome, as spring arrives gradually to the city, warming the air by day (although evenings can still be chilly with the mercury dipping as low as 5°C (41°F). With the celebration of Lent and Holy Week in the offing, March is a busy month at the Vatican City. Runners converge on Rome at the end of March for the popular City Marathon which follows a route past Rome’s iconic landmarks.

Weather in Rome in April

Average temperature in Rome in April: 14°C, 56°F
Relative humidity in Rome in April: 65%
Average rainfall in Rome in April: 65mm, 2.6in
Note: Rome is bright and beautiful in spring during April, with plenty of sunshine (never mind the occasional showers) and pleasantly warm days, just right for sightseeing and watching the Easter processionals and activities. Early in the month the spring festival sets the scene when the Spanish Steps are festooned with thousands of bright pink azaleas.

Weather in Rome in May

Average temperature in Rome in May: 18°C, 64°F
Relative humidity in Rome in May: 61%
Average rainfall in Rome in May: 51mm, 2in
Note: It is T-shirt weather in Rome by day in May, with summer in the air and a let-up in the frequency of rain showers. Evenings are cool enough still to require a light jacket, and temperatures are not yet likely to become sizzlingly high. It’s a good time to linger on the sunny piazzas and watch the fountains play.

Weather in Rome in June

Average temperature in Rome in June: 22°C, 71°F
Relative humidity in Rome in June: 58%
Average rainfall in Rome in June: 30mm, 1.2in
Note: Everything in Rome heats up in June, and not just the temperatures which now peak at around 27°C (81°F)during the sunny days. Outdoor events proliferate across the city, from music concerts to wide-screen film shows, in the squares, parks and ancient monuments.

Weather in Rome in July

Average temperature in Rome in July: 25°C, 76°F
Relative humidity in Rome in July: 53%
Average rainfall in Rome in July: 25mm, 1in
Note: Rome swelters under a merciless summer sun in July, and crowds of holiday-makers flood into the city to see the sights and enjoy the many and varied cultural events that take place during this busy season. There is not likely to be any rain, and the long days promise up to 11 hours of sunshine, so sun protection and good hydration are vital.

Weather in Rome in August

Average temperature in Rome in August: 24.5°C, 76°F
Relative humidity in Rome in August: 55%
Average rainfall in Rome in August: 17mm, 0.7in
Note: Romans tend to flee their city in early August to avoid the mid-summer heat and take their holidays in cooler, quieter climes. Tourists, however, flood the city which is hot, dry and sunny. The only cool touch comes early in the month when the Feast of the Madonna of the Snow at Santa Maria Maggiore church re-enacts (by means of white confetti) a miraculous August snowfall that apparently occurred in Rome in the 4th Century.

Weather in Rome in September

Average temperature in Rome in September: 22°C, 71°F
Relative humidity in Rome in September: 62%
Average rainfall in Rome in September: 66mm, 2.6in
Note: Summer still holds sway in Rome in September, with high top temperatures to be expected during the day, but it is a good idea to pack a waterproof along with the shorts and sandals because there may be some rainy days. It is a good month to see the sights, now the seasonal crowds have thinned out, and there are several arts, crafts and antiques fairs in the city.

Weather in Rome in October

Average temperature in Rome in October: 17°C, 63°F
Relative humidity in Rome in October: 70%
Average rainfall in Rome in October: 78mm, 3.1in
Note: Rome becomes mild to cool during October as autumn settles in, and it can be positively chilly at night. It is a rather unpredictable month weather-wise, with the likelihood of plenty of rainy days, although when the sun shines it can feel muggy and uncomfortable. Rome’s opera and theatre season opens in mid-October.

Weather in Rome in November

Average temperature in Rome in November: 13°C, 55°F
Relative humidity in Rome in November: 73%
Average rainfall in Rome in November: 96mm, 3.8in
Note: Winter arrives very noticeably in Rome in November, with temperatures dropping dramatically and the incidence of rain increasing. Daytime highs reach around 16°C (61°F), and statistically at least half of the days during the month are wet ones. It is extremely chilly in the evenings.

Weather in Rome in December

Average temperature in Rome in December: 9.5°C, 45°F
Relative humidity in Rome in December: 74%
Average rainfall in Rome in December: 97mm, 3.8in
Note: The spirit of Christmas pervades Rome in December, because this is the global centre of the Catholic Church and there are many religious festivals leading up to Christmas Day. The weather is cold and wet, and exploring the ancient monuments in the damp conditions can be a slippery affair. Everyone enjoys the festive market at the Piazza Navona which is packed with handmade gifts and seasonal treats.