Where to go in April

The Easter holidays are perfectly placed to take advantage of great April weather, particularly in Europe.

Spring has sprung around the Mediterranean and Aegean Seas, making this a superb time to visit the islands or take a cruise before the resorts become packed for the summer. The sea may still be a little chilly for swimming, but there are plenty of long, sunny days to enjoy.

The Greek islands are splendid in springtime, cool to mild, carpeted with wild flowers – and an added bonus is the celebration of the Orthodox Easter which brings colourful merry-making and fireworks to most local communities. Crete and Rhodes, in particular, have very pleasant weather in April. Drawbacks are that some tavernas and restaurants may not be open until the end of the month, and ferry services may be limited, but it is worth some inconvenience for the uncrowded resorts.

A great get-away in the Med in April is the island of Sardinia – peaceful, wild and pretty with hot days and cool nights.

In the Middle East spring is undoubtedly the best time to head for Jordan for stunning sightseeing in perfect weather, and seaside fun at Aqaba.

Spain’s Balearic IslandsMajorca, Minorca and Ibiza – are the package deal paradise for early sun-seekers, the summer season opening optimistically in April. The weather can be fickle, but you could luck out with a string of warm, sunny days.

If the Med is not warm enough for your taste in spring, think Indian Ocean – the Maldives, Mauritius, and Seychelles islands are sizzling in the sunshine in April. If you want a real roasting head for Thailand which is almost unbearably hot in April – the Gulf coast resort islands like Koh Samui and Kho Pha Ngan are the best options.

After Easter and Spring Break, the best value beach holidays are to be had in the Caribbean, when low season rates kick in but the weather is still good. While Cuba is less travelled than most Caribbean islands, the spring brings out the vibrant local spirit, along with great holiday packages and grand weather. If you can’t make up your mind which island to pick for your holiday, take a cruise and visit several.

Over on the mainland marvellous Mexico has got the jump on summer and, further south, Costa Rica's celebrates the final days of summer in style. Cancun and the Yucatan holiday resorts are in the grip of tropical heat, days scorching at up to 30°C (88°F), cooling off only slightly at night. Southern Florida in the United States is nearly tropical in April, where the Florida Keys is particularly popular for an Easter break (accommodation can be scarce and pricey), while Hawaii offers great deals for the warm shoulder season.

For an oriental treat, April is considered the best time of year to visit Japan with the cherry blossom in full bloom and pleasant, mild weather. Make sure you avoid the end of the month, though, because hundreds of thousands of Japanese are on the move during “Golden Week”, a collection of four national holidays in seven days that make for one of Japan’s busiest holiday seasons.

How about a touch of remote adventuring? April is peak (excuse the pun!) season for Himalayan trekking. Nepal is ablaze with wild flowers and blooming rhododendrons, and the rivers flow crystal clear from the snow melt, while villagers are out and about on their farmlands. The weather is mild and fairly humid with occasional rain.

There’s no need to be an April fool and sit waiting for summer when spring has so many idyllic holiday options!