Weather in Egypt in June

Is June a good time to visit Egypt?

June is a great time to book cheap flights to Egypt. Summer weather in Egypt tends to scare some tourists away. Low season means that there are often cheap deals on accommodation and flight packages are easier to come by. This makes June a great time to go to Egypt. However, visitors should expect hot weather and high temperatures typical of Egypt’s desert climate. It is best to avoid the south of Egypt during summer as it can become unbearable hot out in the desert. Onshore breezes along the coast of Egypt create a refreshing climate for a beach holiday.


Climate in Egypt in June

Egypt’s desert climate means that summers are particularly hot. However, the heat of summer is concentrated in the desert and southern regions of Egypt. Cairo can also become quite hot in summer because of smog. The best places to visit in Egypt in June are the beaches where refreshing breezes have a considerable cooling effect. The average temperature in Cairo in June is 20 to 34°C (68 to 93°F). Sea temperatures in the Red Sea average 26°C (79°F) throughout May. The average temperature in Sharm el-Sheikh in June is 26 to 37°C (79 to 99°F). However temperatures further south tend to be a lot higher and often reach over 40°C (over 104°F).


What’s on in Egypt in June

Evacuation Day on June 18 is a public holiday in Egypt commemorating the day on which Egypt declared independence from Britain. This national holiday is celebrated in Cairo with military processions. Kitesurfers flock to Egypt’s Red Sea coast in June for the annual Kite Jamboree. Visitors can watch these adventure sports enthusiasts as they put their gear to the test and participate in a number of fantastic competitions.


What to pack for a holiday in Egypt in June

The weather in June, as with the weather throughout the year in Egypt, requires light and cool clothes that will offer protection from the sun rather than exposure to the sun. When planning a holiday in Egypt holidaymakers should pack linen and cotton clothing to wear during the day. For the beach resorts on the Red Sea you only need pack beachwear, sunglasses and a few magazines to read while soaking up the gorgeous summer sun in Egypt.