Weather in Egypt in April

Is April a good time to visit Egypt?

While April is not the best time to book a cheap flight to Egypt, it is a popular time to go to Egypt. The weather in Egypt in April is ideal for holidaymakers wishing to explore the desert before the heat of summer. Egypt’s climate also means that April is a great time to go to the Red Sea for a beach holiday. However, because April falls within peak season for Egypt accommodation is often booked up well in advance and prices tend to go up as well. April is a good time to go off the beaten track in Egypt to see some of the more remote areas and to enjoy spring in the desert.


Climate in Egypt in April

Egypt’s desert climate is particularly pleasant in spring as the difference between the low nighttime temperatures and the higher daytime ones is not too great. The average temperature in Cairo during April is 15 to 28°C (59 to 82°F). Cairo tends to get about nine hours of sunlight per day in April. Tourists travelling to Aswan Dam and surrounding areas can expect hot weather and temperatures of 19 to 35°C (66 to 95°F). The most popular region of Egypt in April is the Red Sea Coast and the Sinai Peninsula. The mean sea temperature in the Red Sea during April is 23°C (73°F). While average temperatures throughout April in Sharm el-Sheikh are 20 to 30°C (68 to 86°F).


What’s on in Egypt in April

Sinai Liberation Day is an important event throughout Egypt in April. This is a day of great celebration for Egyptians as it marks the withdrawal of Israel from Sinai after the Six Day War. In Cairo the event is usually commemorated with military parades. Visitors travelling to Sham el Sheikh should be sure to attend the International Camel Competition during April. Camel races, camel auctions, and lots of other events mark this event in Egypt. The main attraction of the International Camel Competition is the camel race to determine the fastest camel in the Sinai!


What to pack for a holiday in Egypt in April

The temperature in Egypt begins to pick in April. Holidaymakers should pack light clothes that will also offer protection from the midday heat and the desert sand. Light cotton and linen clothing is best. Some parts of Egypt, as well as some tourist attractions will require modest dress, but for visitors flying into Sharm el-Sheikh normal western clothes are fine. Holidaymakers going to the Red Sea resort areas will need beachwear and suncream. Diving and other watersports equipment is available for hire in most resort towns along the Red Sea coast.