Weather in Australia in September

Is September a good time to visit Australia?

Spring is in the air in Australia in September, as the country explodes into a feast of flower festivals and the weather across the south of the country is mild and sunny. It’s not quite beach weather yet in Sydney, Melbourne and Perth – and snow may well linger in the mountains of Victoria and New South Wales – but it is a good time to enjoy the great outdoors. Northern Queensland, the Great Barrier Reef and the Northern Territory coast are hot and tropical in September. September is an excellent time to visit the “Red Centre” – the weather in Alice Springs, Broome and Uluru being very clement.


Climate in Australia in September

Top temperatures in the southern States of Australia in September hover just under 20°C (68°F), except in the mountains where the ski season continues in snowy conditions. The weather is very pleasant and stable, with rainfall in the region of 70mm in the major southern cities. Even Perth is over its wet winter.
On the northern coast summer holiday conditions prevail, the Gold Coast enjoying an average maximum of 23°C (73.4°F), while Darwin swelters as the mercury hits a high of 32°C (89.6°F). The north is relatively dry, but slightly humid, during September with Cairns having only 36mm of rain and Darwin 17mm during the month on average. Inland Alice Springs and Uluru are hot during the day and cool at night, with little or no rainfall.    


What’s on in Australia in September

Don’t miss out on the floral festivals celebrated all over Australia during spring, in September. The most notable of these is the Floriade in the capital, Canberra, and across in Perth the Wildflower Festival at Kings Park and Botanic Garden is a gorgeous affair. Near Sydney spring is heralded in late September with the Bowral Tulip Time Festival. In Victoria catch the wildflower season at Cranbourne’s Royal Botanic Gardens, and at Toowoomba in Queensland spring is celebrated in grand style with a Carnival of Flowers.


What to pack for a holiday in Australia in September                                               

Unless you are heading for Hobart in Tasmania, or a mountain ski resort, you can leave the overcoat at home when visiting Australia in September. A warm fleece and a few jumpers should keep the chill at bay – layers are the key as spring arrives in the southern states. Up north the weather lends itself to cool cottons, shorts and swimsuits.