Weather in Australia in March

Is March a good time to visit Australia?

In the south of the Australian continent March sees the advent of autumn with temperatures dropping to the low 20s Celsius (70s F), except in Western Australia where the weather is consistently hotter than in the east (New South Wales and Victoria). There is still a preponderance of sunny days, however, across the south – Sydney is generally a little more prone to rain than Melbourne, Perth or even Hobart in Tasmania. It is therefore a good time to visit the south of Australia for sightseeing and scenery, and in Perth to the west the beaches still do brisk business.

The northern tropical areas (Northern Territory, north Queensland and the Great Barrier Reef) are still under threat of cyclones and tropical storms, although the notorious wet season that makes these areas a “no go” for tourists is winding down during March. Ideally wait a month or two for the wet, hot, humid north to dry out. The central areas of Australia are always hot during the day, and can be extremely cold at night.

Climate in Australia in March

Temperatures in Sydney, Australia, during March hover between a comfortable maximum of 25°C (77°F) and a minimum of 17°C (63°F) as autumn sets in. With an average of 19 sunny days during the month, the February rainfall of 122mm should not be too troublesome for visitors out for some sight-seeing and shopping. Across in Melbourne, Victoria, it is several degrees cooler, but there is far less rainfall for the month (only 39mm on average), so plenty of autumn sunshine.  The same holds true for Southern Australia and Adelaide. 

Beach bunnies can still work on their tans in Western Australia ... the coastline around Perth bakes under blue skies and sunshine  in March with daytime temperatures averaging 30°C (86°F), though nights can be  (mercifully!) cool to cold. 

North Queensland in the tropical zone of Australian weather remains wet, hot and humid but in southern Queensland Brisbane is passable an average 17 sunny days in March, and an rainfall totalling 139mm for the month. Temperatures reach average highs of 28°C (82°F), dropping markedly at night. 

The Northern Territory (Darwin) swelters with high temperatures and humidity, and plenty of tropical showers, but the rainy season is nearly over, so be patient! It is still a little hot for most tastes to visit the interior (Uluru) but in a few weeks the heat will abate and the tourist season kicks in.

What’s on in Australia in March

March is Melbourne’s time to shine, the month kicking off with the celebration of Labour Day in the state of Victoria (from the second Monday in March). The city pulls out all the stops for its famed Moomba Festival, involving a variety of events and entertainment, mostly outdoors, and culminating in a float parade and street parties. The capital of Australia, Canberra, also celebrates the lovely autumn Australian weather and its own official naming on 12th March with a public holiday, hot air balloon festival and a variety of concerts and entertainment.


What to pack for a holiday in Australia in March

If you are coming on holiday to New South Wales, Victoria, South Australia or Tasmania in March from the northern hemisphere, think autumn wardrobe! A warm jacket for evenings, sweat-shirts or pull-overs to layer on over t-shirts during the day, with jeans and trainers, should do the trick. Pack a pair of shorts because you never know ... you may deem it warm enough to expose your legs. If visiting Western Australia take along a swimsuit, and definitely include the shorts and skirts, as well as the warmer clobber mentioned above for the evening chill. Up north you will need an umbrella and/or rain gear, but nothing too hot and heavy. Everywhere, despite the autumn season, be aware that sunblock is vital.