Weather in Australia in December

Is December a good time to visit Australia?

December is holiday month in Australia – school’s out and many businesses shut down for the Christmas season. Everyone heads for the beach in the south-east, Western Australia and southern Queensland, where the coastal resorts are hot and happening and the aroma of barbecue fills the air.

The parts of Australia to avoid in December are the tropical areas of north Queensland and the Northern Territory, where the rainy monsoon season sets in making conditions muggy, muddy and generally unpleasant. The desert regions of the Outback are too hot for comfort for visitors this time of year.


Climate in Australia in December

It’s summer in the southern hemisphere, perfect for sun-seekers to escape the northern winter and soak up some sun on the beaches of New South Wales and Western Australia. In Sydney the weather is ideal for sunbathing on bright beaches like Bondi in temperatures topping out at around 25°C (77°F), while across the other side of the continent in Perth the mercury regularly approaches 30°C (86°F). Melbourne is a little cooler than Sydney. 

At the “Top End” Darwin is deluged with an average 235mm of rain as the monsoon moves in during December, with oppressive heat and humidity. Likewise northern Queensland is drenched with heavy showers, accompanied by intense heat and high humidity.


What’s on in Australia in December

With summer in full swing and Christmas in the offing, Australia is redolent with festive events of all sorts in December.  Santa leads the way at the annual Parkes Christmas Parade in New South Wales, while there are carol singing concerts everywhere. Boxing Day (26th December) sees the start of the annual Sydney-Hobart Yacht Race, packed with excitement across a gruelling 630 nautical mile course.

What to pack for a holiday in Australia in December

Think baking sands, sweltering streets and hot summer nights when packing for Australia in December, no matter where on the continent you are headed. Sunblock, sunhat and sunglasses are vital, to complement shorts, sandals, strappy tops, sundresses and swimwear. If heading to the north of the continent have some good gripping footwear to outpace the muddy conditions, and a serviceable rain poncho.