Weather in Australia in April

Is April a good time to visit Australia?

As autumn becomes entrenched in Australia in March, it is colder the further south you go. Tasmania is therefore chilly, Sydney and Melbourne cool, Perth warm, and up north in the tropical areas it remains hot, humid and fairly wet. Global warming in recent years has resulted in some weather extremes in this sub-continent, but generally the advice remains true. It is a case of picking and choosing, depending on why you are visiting ... if rain scares you avoid the far north of Queensland and Sydney, but for the rest pretty much anywhere in Australia will offer mild to cool sunny weather.  

Climate in Australia in April

Enjoy crisp, clear autumn days, with an average of 20 sunny days in the month? Then spend April in Sydney (New South Wales) where you will enjoy average temperatures of 23°C (73°F) to enjoy the vistas of the Harbour Bridge, Opera House, fine dining and super shopping. If visiting Melbourne (Victoria) you can leave the brolly behind because there will be half the amount of rain threatening than in Sydney, with temperatures just a few degrees lower, but it will be cold at night (10°C/50°F), so maybe no al fresco dining! 

For April fun in the sun head for Perth in Western Australia where the sun shines for an average of eight hours a day, with the temperature averaging 25°C (77°C), but it will be cold after sunset. 

The Australian Gold Coast around Brisbane in southern Queensland is pleasant too in April, with temperatures of around 26°C (79°F) as an average maximum, with rain still marring about half the days of the month, this being the close of the wet season. Further north Cairns and the Great Barrier Reef remain consistently hot and humid, although the rainfall has decreased by about half over March(200mm average for the month in Cairns) as the wet season winds down.


What’s on in Australia in April

One of the most important public holidays in Australia is Anzac Day on 25th April, celebrated at war memorials and cenotaphs throughout the country, with parades and events, in honour of Australians who gave their lives in the two World Wars. Although not of touristic interest, many international visitors attend to pay their respects. April also brings the Easter holidays – a movable feast which generally occurs this month – and the Royal Easter Show in Sydney. April also sees the kick-off of the country’s rugby season, and the start of international surfing contests.


What to pack for a holiday in Australia in April

Layers are the key for dressing for a holiday in Australia in April. Top your t-shirt and jeans with a jumper and anorak, to be prepared for a midday sun-soak descending into evening chill. In the tropical northern areas rain gear will be useful, over light summer-wear. In the sunshine take care to protect the vulnerable areas with sunblock and a shady hat ... it may not feel that hot but the sun is still dangerous.